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Private Investigation Division


KSI – Kennedy Security Investigation

Kennedy Security has been in the investigative business since 1959, when L. Roger Kennedy, founder of Kennedy Security Services, Inc., started the enterprise in Cos Cob, Connecticut. This division of Kennedy Security is a full service Private Investigation Agency specializes in discreet, complex CORPORATE and DOMESTIC investigations.

KSI gives you the CORPORATE business intelligence you need to make confident, informed decisions on new and current employees, potential vendors and suppliers, high level executive candidates, and potential business partners and acquisitions.

With an array of background screening and investigative reports, KSI gets you the information you need in a timely and cost-effective manner. KSI doesn’t just pass along raw data. At KSI we analyze the information so you’ll understand what it means to you and your company. Our in-depth, thorough background screening methods insure that you’ll make the right employment or business decision every time.

KSI takes pride in providing accurate, dependable information. Our demonstrated commitment to excellence and high ethical standards insures that clients can act on our information with confidence. For a deeper understanding of what sets us apart from other screening companies, contact us.

Business Intelligence
not Guesswork

You can purchase raw information from just about anyone. But for in-depth analysis of information that can prevent future problems, you need a provider with proven insight. KSI is more than just an information broker— we’re the most dependable source you have for intelligent analysis of potential employees, business opportunities and investments. Every KSI report contains highlighted alerts to key you in on trouble areas quickly. You’ll never wonder what you don’t know, and whether it can hurt you or your company.