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The KSS Approach


The Kennedy Security System

There When You Need Us
At Kennedy Security, we are committed to enhancing the image, desirability and marketability of your property by providing high profile, high quality services. Kennedy Security works closely with each client to establish and maintain a efficient and effective program designed to meet individual requirements and needs.


High Quality – High Profile

Kennedy Security officers not only protect your property from outside intrusion, they are trained for on-site emergencies as well. By maintaining close relations with local police, fire and paramedic resources, we are able to ensure a swift response to emergency situations at your property.


Technology Advantage

Kennedy Security can incorporate the finest technology available. By using computerized access control and video surveillance systems, our officers are able to expedite entry for residents and guests while providing unparalleled security against unauthorized personnel. With Kennedy Security’s computerized reporting system, clients can receive status reports on maintenance items, emergency systems and the movement of security personnel throughout the day.